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BMC Resmart GI AutoCPAP with Humudifier

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RESmart Auto CPAP features with the function of providing continuous various treatment pressure with the variation of the resistance of upper airway throughout the night giving you ultra-comfort.


Pressure relief technology can sense your individual airflow variation every time you exhale and automatically reduce the treat P to offer you the maximum comfort during the therapy.


You can choose the period of time to fall asleep before you start your therapy.

This highly improves your compliance.


BMC Resmart CPAP Specification.


220 × 194 × 112 mm

313 × 194 × 112 mm (with InH2TM heated humidifier)


1.5 kg, or 2.5 kg (with the humidifier)


Transport and storage:

Operation Transport and Storage

Transport and Storage


5°C to 30°C (41˚F to 86˚F)

-20°C to 55°C (-4˚F to 131˚F)


15% to 93% Non-condensing

up to 93% Non-condensing

Atmospheric Pressure:

860 ~ 1060 hPa

500 ~ 1060 hPa


Mode of Operation


Work Mode

CPAP, Auto

SD Card

With a capacity ≥ 2 G, the SD card can record patient data and fault information. Furthermore, the language pack stored on the SD card enables you to change the language of the device.

AC Power Consumption

100 ~ 240 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz, 1.0 A max

Type of Protection Against Electric Shock

Class II Equipment

Degree of Protection Against Electric Shock

Type BF Applied Part

Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water

IPX1 , Drip -Proof, Vertical

Pressure Range

4 to 20 hPa (in 0.5 hPa increments), ≤ 30 hPa under single fault conditions

Pressure Display Accuracy

±(0.5 hPa+4%)

Pressure Stability

4 to 20 hPa (±1 hPa)


The ramp time ranges from 0 to 60 minutes

Sound Pressure Level

< 30 dB, when the device is working at the pressure of 10 hPa.

Sound Power Level

< 38 dB, when the device is working at the pressure of 10 hPa.

Air Hose

Length: 6 ft. (1.83 m)

Maximum Flow

Test Pressure (hPa) 4 9 15 20
Average Flow at the Patient Connection Port (L/min) 80 92 91 96


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